There are a lot of factors that will determine how quickly your house is sold, and it’s important to tackle the factors you can control. If you’re still living in your home while trying to sell it, these are a few simple ideas that can help speed up the home sale process.

1. De-clutter:

Buyers want to step into a prospective home and imagine the possibilities. That’s a lot easier to do when a space is airy and clutter-free. Get rid of the clutter that’s just taking up space in your home, and it can totally transform how a buyer sees the property.

 2. Offer an incentive:

Don’t break the bank for add-ons that don’t make financial sense in the long run, but there are some reasonable expenses you can use to entice buyers, such as including appliances in the sale or offering a home warranty.

 3. Focus on flow:

Now that you’re working toward a new home, it’s important to position your furniture for easy movement through the space, rather than how you personally like it arranged. Position your furniture so that it’s natural to flow from one room to the next. You may also consider removing any bulky or necessary furniture to allow potential buyers to see the entirety of the space in your home.

 4. Take care of your to-do list:

There’s probably a list of small repairs that you’ve been putting off for a while, like fixing a dripping faucet or touching up paint on some walls. Make those repairs so that the home is more move-in ready for buyers. In the eyes of a buyer, fewer repairs, means fewer dollars spent.

 5. Commit to cleanliness and have a pre-showing routine:

A clean home goes a long way in appealing buyers. Make sure to clean surfaces, showers, toilets and appliances regularly. Be sure to keep dishes stored away and out of site and keep visible personal items to a minimum. The more you maintain a clean home, the easier it will be to get out of the house for a showing. When it is time for a showing, have a routine. If you have children or pets, have a plan to get everyone out of the house in a timely manner.

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