ost folks know that Spring and Summer are the most popular times for home buying and selling. This popular belief can convince sellers to wait until warmer weather months before getting serious about listing their home. While unconventional, the holiday season could in fact be the perfect time for you to list your home. Here are a few reasons why you may consider selling your home during the holidays.

  1. Relocation Buyers: Companies hiring during the holidays often need their new hires to begin as soon as possible and most companies are willing to pay the relocation costs to facilitate this.
  2. Serious Buyers: People looking to hire during the holidays are often serious buyers who are ready to purchase immediately.
  3. Holiday Home Staging : Holiday home decor looks great! Homes decorated for the holidays generally show well, so take advantage of the holiday season to show off your decor and staging.
  4. Demand for Inventory: Because listing during the holidays is not the norm, inventory is low for serious buyers. Less competition means your home has a better chance of standing out and results in a better payout for you.
  5. Seller Stays in Control: Because there is a higher demand, you can better control when you do and don’t want to show your home.
  6. Buyers are STILL Searching: Buyers who were house hunting in the Spring and Summer and were unsuccessful, are still searching in the winter.

The decision to list your home is ultimately up to you but remember while some may see listing during the holidays as a challenge, others know it can be looked at as a great opportunity.

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This content provided by Chris Harris & Associates, P.C., Fee Attorney for Alamo Title Company